4.5 average rating

Zoi in the news

"A game that will make you angry!" - iPhone Italia
"Do you remember Flappy Bird? This is as annoying, but catching!" - CBN Radio
"Addictive and impossible. Not suitable for people who suffer from nerves" - Androidsis
"Zoi is enormously addicting and frustrating at the same time" - Android World
"Captivating, entertaining, infuriating. Great humor!" - iPadizate

The hardest game ever made

Zoi is so hard that we genuinely ask ourselves if anyone would ever finish this game. And even worse, it is so addictive that you'll probably die trying.

We bet you don't have what it takes...

3 unique worlds, 45 challenging levels

Zoi is a little pink alien with one simple goal: get to the top of the tower. What stands in your way? Just a plethora of deadly blocks and fireballs. Zoi may look cute now, but after many hilarious deaths, you might not feel the same way.

Leaderboards, achievements and unlocks

Finish levels, jump often or just keep dying, and get rewarded! Keep track of your friends progress, and unlock more than 18 different outfits (19 to be exact)!

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